Press Releases


Changes Coming for Rendata

By Linsay Cathey of the Daily Courier               MERLIN — Big plans are on the drawing board for a large area of underdeveloped industrial land. The Ausland Group has been working with representatives from Rendata Industrial Park for the past six months to create a master plan for 110… Read More

Josephine County

Josephine County Courthouse Improvements Completion

County’s shiny paint job completes $2.4 million improvement project Ausland Group led this seismic and architectural renovations for Josephine County. By Stacy D. Stumbo of the Daily Courier A maintenance worker put the “JO” back in JOSEPHINE COUNTY over the weekend. After decades of exposure to the elements, the gold label on the front of… Read More


Seismic Retrofit for Applegate School

101-year-old Applegate School gets ready for quake “Ausland Group wrote the grant, oversaw design, and is now administering construction on behalf of the District“.                               By Patti Richter of the Daily Courier APPLEGATE — Nearly a century after it was built,… Read More


Holly Theater Slated for Facelift

Ausland played an important role in the scoping and cost analysis of the (formerly MURA) facade renovation grant described in this article. Exciting times for the proliferation of the arts in Southern Oregon! IN NEED OF SUPPORT September 21, 2011 By Damian Mann Mail Tribune Supporters of the Holly Theatre hope to go prime time… Read More