Carpenters are responsible for constructing and repairing buildings and other structures using different types of materials, including wood, plastics, concrete, and steel. Their work is essential to the success of our projects as they create the “skeleton” various trades must rely on to execute their duties – as well as many of the finishing touches on the product we present to our clients.


  • Understanding of basic carpentry methods working with a variety of materials, including wood, plastics, concrete, and steel.
  • Experience working within a commercial construction crew.
  • Measure, take-off quantities, and organize materials for various construction activities.
  • Layout and construct rough framing – including roofs, eves, and stairs.
  • Cut, shape, and smooth lumber and other material.
  • Join materials with nails, screws, staples, and adhesives.
  • Build bracing, barricades, scaffolding, and other temporary structures.
  • Position, join, and align structural components such as structural steel or pre-cast concrete.
  • Install manufactured windows, skylights, and other exterior enclosure accessories.
  • Install weather barrier assemblies and siding assemblies.
  • Selective demolition of buildings and other structures using hand tools and various types of equipment.
  • Operate tools of all types: rotary-hammers, circular saws, reciprocating saws, beam saws, table saws, planers, nailguns, etc.
  • Climb to heights and conduct work with proper safety restraints.
  • Work in varied and inclement weather conditions.
  • Work near moving mechanical parts and within loud noise levels.
  • Other tasks as directed.

(required for FORMWORK CARPENTRY specialists – desirable, but not required to be eligible for CARPENTER)

  • Build, position, and dismantle wood and modular steel concrete formwork.
  • Place concrete.
  • Mix ingredients to create compounds or covering or cleaning surfaces.
  • Grind, scrape, sand, or polish surfaces, such as concrete or wood.

(required for FINISH CARPENTRY specialists – desirable, but not required to be eligible for CARPENTER)

  • Build and install window frames, doors, staircases.
  • Install moulding and other finishes.
  • Mount locks and other hardware.
  • Fit and install miscellaneous furnishings, i.e.: bulletin boards, shelves, bookcases, etc.


  • Drawing and specification interpretation.
  • Construction math and geometry – including use of construction calculator.
  • Basic building layout tools and techniques.
  • Rough framing layout – including roofs, eves, and stairs.
  • Understanding of basic building codes relating to carpentry activities.
  • Use of various hand tools, including, but not limited to: hammer(s), angle, chalk line, string line, cat’s paw, 7 ¼” electric circular saw, rotary-hammers, beam saws, reciprocating saws, table saws, planers, nailguns, chisels, drills, sanders, etc.


  • High school diploma or equivalent.
  • “Journeyman” level carpentry experience – carpentry apprenticeship completion is desired, but not mandatory.
  • At least four years carpentry apprenticeship training, or other experience in commercial carpentry.


  • Valid driver’s license and reasonable driving record.
  • 10 hour OSHA training (within six months of hire)


  • Supply basic hand tools (work bag, hammer(s), angle, chalk line, string line, cat’s paw, 7 ¼” electric circular saw, chisel, hand saw, builder’s level, etc.).
  • Provide reliable transportation to and from assigned varied work sites.
  • Ability to identify and remain aware of utilities.
  • Adhere to safety standards.


  • Ability to lift and move up to 70 lbs. occasionally.
  • Sitting (or driving) in a normal seated position for extended periods of time.
  • Reaching by extending hand(s) or arm(s) in any direction.
  • Finger dexterity required to manipulate objects with fingers rather than with whole hand(s) or arm(s), i.e.: using a keyboard.
  • Communication using the spoken word.
  • Ability to see within normal parameters.
  • Ability to hear within normal range.
  • Ability to move about a construction site including, but not limited to: climbing ladders and scaffold, and walk over uneven terrain.
  • Pass drug screening test.


Competitive hourly pay commensurate with education and experience. Industry leading pay, including availability of prevailing wage projects.

Ausland Group offers an excellent benefits package to full time employees that includes: medical insurance, 401k, prevailing wage projects, trade development education, and safety development education. 

Ausland Group is an equal opportunity employer. We invite resumes from all individuals including women, minorities, veterans, and persons with disabilities.


Ausland Group | May 8, 2017

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