A New Path to Congregation, Creativity and Connectivity

Talent Maker City (TMC) has served as a beacon of STEAM educational discovery and hands on creativity since its inception in 2016. Fostering women and minority advancement and community engagement is the essence of TMC. It is an anchor for downtown Talent providing a vibrant space for creative and cultural innovation.

They are at the forefront in supporting and rebuilding Talent following the two-fold devastation of the Covid-19 Pandemic and the 2020 Almeda Fire that ravaged the Rogue Valley. Their philanthropic efforts expanded as needs arose, from developing a prototype of personal protective equipment to establishing the Mutual Aid Fire Relief Station to Rise Up + Rebuild. TMC has served and educated thousands.

Ausland has worked with TMC to develop a new arts and education maker-space. “Nothing is more challenging than re-building a community post-disaster. But working with the City of Talent, TURA (Talent Urban Renewal Agency), and TMC has been an absolute joy, and is our honor. Ausland is proud to call TMC a partner in the effort to create sustainable, teachable spaces welcome and available to all,” said Kate Miller, Design Project Manager. This extraordinary project recently reached a key milestone from the City of Talent Planning Commission. The City of Talent was instrumental in helping the TMC vision of this new facility by streamlining the entitlement process in record time and opening communication channels to meet many of its goals. The resources, expertise and thoughtfulness that TURA has brought to the project have been key to leading the entire community in the rebuild process.

The new location will allow TMC the opportunity to expand their educational workshops, programming, community events and bolster neighboring businesses. The fire wise structure will become a permanent cornerstone for downtown helping TMC achieve their goals of making Talent a regional art hub and creating a space for the whole community to connect.

Chris Morsa | July 19, 2022

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