Market Segments


We understand that you need a firm that knows how to make your business successful.



We have completed many K-12 and higher education projects and are familiar with education special needs such as limited funding, occupied campuses, and child safety.

UO Agate Hall11


Working on government projects requires a firm that has a deep knowledge of public procurement rules and regulations on a variety of projects. Ausland has experience in many government projects.



Ausland’s team is highly experienced in the methods of seismic retrofits. Ausland has become the local experts in seismic rehabilitations, having performed more than 30 renovations for schools and other public agencies throughout the Northwest within the last few years.

Southern Oregon Unviersity's Theatre and Jefferson Public Radio building. Designed by  TVA Architects constructed by Ausland Group.


In healthcare construction there is no room for error - patient care depends on it. Count on us to understand the logistics, equipment and special systems that are necessary for exceptional outcomes.



Whether you are a national brand or independent, there are unique factors critical to your success. Our experience covers a number of franchise, member and independent restaurants and hotels.

Venue 252 08


With a deep appreciation for the role that cultural places play in defining the character of communities, we are proud of our experience in historic renovations, theaters, national parks, and tribal facilities.


Process Industrial

We understand the special challenges of process industrial clients and have worked with several types, including water reclamation and water treatment.