Ausland Headquarters Groundbreaking

September 22, 2017

Aaron Ausland Expresses Gratitude and Appreciation for the Ausland Team at Groundbreaking for New Ausland Headquarters

By Aaron Ausland, thank you for being here to celebrate this exciting milestone for Ausland Group. It seems like just yesterday I purchased this property and started the first renovation from an old-fashioned contractor office to a small, yet functional office that met our needs at the time. Today, we’re replacing that office with a new, much larger, progressive facility. It is truly a big milestone everyone here has taken part in realizing.


I am sorry I cannot be there with you all. I am in Eugene this afternoon interviewing some great new candidates that want to be a part of our team. A big task on our plate is looking for the best new talent to add to our team to keep us moving forward and growing. And boy have we grown! Obviously with growth comes challenges. But there is a reason we are the fastest growing, both in numbers and depth of talent, in the region. Great things are happening here.


This new office serves as an important step in that growth. It will serve as a key part of not just housing staff, but leveraging us towards our vision.

We’ve talked about our vision before; what we have at times called “360-degree service” to our clients. Fundamental to this concept is that by breaking down traditional barriers of development teams, we can truly offer profound results for our clients. Highly creative, value driven results.

Within our business we’re building three main functions to execute our vision – which together, make us far more than just a contractor or even a design/builder:

First, our business consulting – the initial consulting to draw out and frame the need or opportunity – as well as major roadblocks – for our clients. By and large this function is led by Kelsy, Greg Ausland, Todd Powell, and myself.

Second, our design team – turning those needs, opportunities, and roadblocks into tangible designs to be approved by regulatory agencies, and to eventually be built.

And lastly – construction operations – with actual execution on the ground. The transformation of the idea or solution into the real world. We truly couldn’t offer 360-degree service without our construction operations.

Simply put, working together collaboratively across these three areas of the company is critical to us executing our vision. And that is why so much care and attention has gone into the planning of our new facility – to be sure it is a tool to reach our objective.

Ausland Group | September 28, 2017

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