Case Studies



Southern Oregon University’s first building, 86 year old Churchill Hall needed complex seismic and architectural renovation. While keeping the historic face of the building, an entirely new skeleton and frame was needed to make it less susceptible to earthquake damage.

It Came in Through the Back Window

Originally, the 450,000 pounds of steel for the building was to be installed by tearing off the roof and placing each beam with a sky crane. Ausland’s team of installers envisioned a plan to funnel the nearly half million pounds of steel through one of the existing 3′ x 5′ windows, eliminating the cost and risks of the roof removal and crane.

Creativity Saves Half a Million Dollars

Through these creative means and others, Ausland completed the project two months early and with significant cost savings.

SOU Churchill Hall 09

“Ausland has worked on various projects here at Southern Oregon in various capacities for the last 30 years. Their current team completed the remodel and seismic retrofit of our oldest building on campus (Churchill Hall), which has proven to be one of the best values overall for any capital improvement I have been associated.”

– Drew Gilliland, Director, Facilities Management and Planning, Southern Oregon University