Case Studies

Venue 252 08

VENUE 252:

Ausland Group was retained for the design-build re-purposing of the historic Eugene Planing Mill into an event center for Rick Wright, owner of the Market of Choice grocery store chain.

The Quick Step

Originally, Built in 1943, the historic building – at various times a planing mill, a gym and a church – needed a major face lift with a short turnaround time. Ausland was given 90 days to complete the interior demolition of the existing 20,000 square feet of building and then rebuild it. Occupancy had to be secured in time to host the 2015 “Shall We Dance” annual fundraiser event for the owners of the nonprofit Angel Hair Foundation and 500 guests.

Night Moves

During construction, there were several consecutive days when the lights never went dark. Ausland coordinated 24 hour work schedules – with over 30 subcontractors – to meet the strict delivery date.

A Final Bow

The in-house team of engineers and construction professionals expedited the design and construction elements, coordinating every facet of the fast-track project, to deliver magnificent results.

Venue 252 05

“There was no room for errors or delays. The Ausland Group Team addressed the challenges with no hesitations and worked around the clock, as needed to make it happen. Not only did you work expediently with a very aggressive construction date, the final results are magnificent.”

— Rick Wright, Owner, Venue 252 Event Center