Case Studies



A Mission in Need

When the Gospel Rescue Mission asked Ausland Group to take over its stalled, multi-million dollar capital improvement project, it was riddled with complex construction constraints and problematic design elements.  Ausland addressed all challenges in the first phase and creatively modified the design and materials to reduce the budget by 25 percent.

A Campaign in Perseverance

Phase two presented even larger challenges:  a depressed economy affected fundraising goals and threatened permit expirations; structural design deficiencies were revealed; and insufficient heating and ventilation designs were discovered.

Aaron and Kelsy Ausland become personally involved in the Mission’s capital campaign effort, making presentations, and successfully lobbying for permit extensions. To accommodate funding availability, they created phasing opportunities for the re-design and construction.

Answered Prayers

Eleven years of prayer later, the Gospel Rescue Mission‘s multi-building campus dream became a reality.


“Our family has always been passionate about the good work of the Gospel Rescue Mission. When they brought us onto their executive team we were able to participate at a strategic and decision-making level. That’s really when we do our best work; empowered as a member of our client’s team.”

–Aaron Ausland

“Aaron Ausland has a unique gift. He can look at a blueprint and immediately see how to make a project better at a lower cost. He probably saved us over a million dollars.”

–Rev. Keith Heck

Executive Director Emeritus

Gospel Rescue Mission