Case Studies

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Located 18 miles west of Grants Pass, the OK Corral is a throwback in time. Accessible to the public only by boating down the wild and scenic Rogue River, the reconstruction of this iconic open-air restaurant kept the connection to nature front and center in every feature.

Local Labor Re-Builds Local Icon

The Hamyln family had a very unique vision to realize. A dining experience set in nature for 350 guests at a time, in a family-like atmosphere. Ausland Group utilized 100% local labor and  subcontractors for the feat.

Creativity Saves Money and Creates a Sustainable Model for Nature Dining

Even with local labor, the remote location of the restaurant created challenges for design and construction. The project was broken into components that could be fabricated in Ausland’s yard in a more accessible, controlled environment. Logs were hand peeled by local craftsman, and lifted one by one to create the masterpiece enjoyed by over 85,000 guests every summer.