Case Studies



There is Nothing Impossible to Those Who Will Try

27 classrooms; 5 buildings; 60 year old facility; 45 work days to complete. Ausland was up for the challenge and worked with South Lane School District to accomplish this ambitious goal for Lincoln Middle School.

Cramming for Excellence

Acing any exam requires preparation and study. Ausland did massive pre-planning including creating a master schedule of long lead items even before awarded the bid. Sub-contractors were brought in and committed to the project early so school could open on time.

Sunny Days Are Here Again

Ausland’s forethought and relationship with the client allowed for quick and calculated decisions. By coming up with multiple remedies to each challenge encountered, solutions could be approved and coordinated in hours rather than weeks. In the end, Ausland crews were ecstatic to give students a safe place to learn when September came around.


“I would definitely recommend working with Ausland Group to any entity with small or large projects as I look forward to continuing to work with this phenomenal construction company.”

– Matt Allen, Facilities Supervisor, South Lane School District