Designing from within to Expand Education Services

As students return to school this autumn, Ausland Group celebrates education and how learning continues to engage us all. We have had the pleasure of building and renovating educational facilities for several schools throughout our history. This year our team is collaborating with a dynamic school in Phoenix, Oregon creating a new master plan for their campus and working to enhance their classroom space which will continue to inspire their students.

The vision of Armadillo Technical Institute (ATI) is to create a learning environment to meet the individualized needs of Rogue Valley’s youth by working together to equip students to reach their goals through community, equity, adaptability, and creativity. With this concept in mind, ATI opened its doors in August 2000 with 18 students and 4 teachers. It was one of the first 12 schools chartered in Oregon and the oldest in Southern Oregon. Today, it serves 120 students by offering responsive curriculum and personalized education support.

The need to rehabilitate the existing facilities and update the campus has been evident for many years. Upon securing funding, ATI looked to partner with a company to build a space that meet their immediate and long-term education goals. Ausland Group was selected to reconfigure the campus starting with the initial project programming and conceptional designs. The City of Phoenix approved a new master plan in September 2022.

As the plan moves into the construction phase in 2023, two of the three structures will take on a new interior look. The main building (the former church on the corner of First and Rose Streets) will receive an updated roof, even flooring and distinct classroom space. The duplex building will provide dedicated and enhanced space for administration and clinic services, moving the public face of ATI to First Street.

Ausland is honored to be part of the ATI team working to deliver what will result in a design that is both aesthetically pleasing as well as practical for the needs of the school. Most importantly, it will provide current and future students with an environment to strengthen learning and provide the tools to be successful outside of the classroom.

Sarahanne Driggs | October 7, 2022

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