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See a List of Other Seismic Projects

  • North Douglas County Fire & EMS Seismic

  • Tangent Fire District Seismic Retrofit

  • Brookings Fire & Police Station Seismic

  • Butte Falls High School Seismic Retrofit

  • Riddle Elementary Seismic Retrofit

  • Allen Dale Elementary Seismic Retrofit

  • Harrisburg Elementary Gymnasium Seismic Retrofit

  • City of Springfield City Hall Seismic Bracing

  • BPA Raver Control House Expansion

  • Jacksonville Courthouse Seismic Upgrade

  • Old South Medford High School Auditorium Seismic Retrofit

  • Douglas County Courthouse Renovations

  • Langlois Rural Fire Protection District Seismic Retrofit

  • Josephine County Courthouse Renovations