New Sobering Center Opens Up

by Justin Matthews, News 10

sober room.PNG
The new sobering center in Grants Pass, Ore. has 12 rooms for people detained by police who need to sober up.


GRANTS PASS, Ore.- A new sobering center is taking the place of an old recycling facility overseen by the Gospel Rescue Mission on Southwest Foundry Road.

It’s a 4,500 square-foot facility with 12 rooms, providing a safe and controlled environment for people detained by police for public intoxication.

The Ausland Group developed the facility.

“This is a great alternate to putting them in a public jail in a much more cost-effective way,” said Aaron Ausland from the Ausland Group.

Public intoxication isn’t illegal in the state of Oregon, unless someone commits a crime or city code violation while under the influence.

An Oregon statute allows police to detain someone for up to 24 hours if an intoxicated person is deemed a nuisance.

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Ausland Group | April 22, 2016

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