A Message from Our CEO : COVID-19 Response

Dear Clients and Friends,

Ausland Group is committed to regional and national efforts to reduce the risk and spread of COVID-19, while responsibly ensuring continuity of business services.  We have a plan and are ready for an array of potential disruptions and, as always, remain highly committed to the success of our clients.

We see our primary responsibility as twofold: first, the health and well-being of our employees and clients.  Second, maintaining our ability to provide you with uninterrupted services.

Ausland is well prepared to withstand adverse economic conditions and maintain our high standards of project delivery.  We are financially strong and well capitalized.  We have a deep pool of talent.  And we’ve invested greatly over the last few years in technological resources to facilitate world-class remote work abilities.

The following are some more specific actions we have established to protect employees, clients, and other stakeholders:

Worker and Workplace Protections

  • New standard operating protocols (SOP) at all workplaces include frequent disinfection, visitor restrictions, remote work, video conferencing, and mandated social distancing.
  • Jobsite supervisors are enforcing additional measures, including sanitization of tools and mandatory use of handwashing stations.
  • Any employee with a cough or fever, or household member with illness, is asked to stay home until clearance from a doctor.
  • An internal action team has been established, led by Kelsy Ausland, president, as incident response coordinator.

Worker Training

  • Safety talks providing our staff with up-to-date training on COVID-19 prevention are being implemented at all workplaces.
  • Team members are attending national construction webinars to monitor the situation and adjust our practices as information unfolds.

Business Continuity

  • Mission critical functions have been assessed to ensure redundancy, and to minimize the potential for disruption.
  • Partnerships with professional service firms have been established to provide reciprocal back-up design capacity.
  • Strategies are in place to re-align construction crews and manage potential disruption, using our depth of talent.
  • Contingency plans are being created for supplementing or replacing critical suppliers.
  • State of the art remote work platforms and flexible worksite policies are being promoted to promote a healthy work environment.

We are continuing to monitor the situation and adjust our practices to provide optimum employee protection. As always, please contact me should you have any questions. We wish you the best of health and wellness.


Aaron Ausland, CEO

Kara Bijesse | March 18, 2020

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