Ausland Fridge Challenge 2020

Have you been racking your brain for ways to give back to your community during this time of uncertainly, while still remaining healthy and safe? Have you been finding yourself opening the refrigerator to look for a snack more often than usual while bored at home? YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

We invite you to join us April 20th to the 24th for The Ausland Group Fridge Challenge 2020, where together, we will raise funds for local food banks to help those in our communities who need it most. Ausland will be MATCHING UP TO $3,000 of the total funds raised through this fundraiser!


  • PRINT AND POST! Click HERE to print your fridge challenge flier and post on your fridge (with a handy pen nearby!). Take a picture of the flier on your fridge and post it on social media. Don’t forget to tag the Ausland Group page (find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn) and add #AuslandFridgeChallenge2020 so we know you are playing!
  • TRACK AND TALLY! Every time you find yourself mindlessly opening your fridge while you are cooped up at home (let’s be honest, bored eating is a thing!), you put down a tally mark in the blank spot on your flier. One tally mark = $1 donated to your local food bank (via Ausland PayPal).
  • COUNT AND CALCULATE! At the end of the week, count the number of tally marks on your fridge flyer and calculate the amount you are donating.
  • DONATE! Head over to our Ausland Group PayPal account by clicking HERE (Name: Ausland Fridge Challenge 2020). You can contribute your donations and see how your “fridge openings” compare to others!

Again, Ausland will be MATCHING UP TO $3,000 of the total funds, so let’s get tracking!

This challenge is open to anyone who wishes to participate, so tell your friends, family, neighbors, cat, dog, guinee pig …. SPREAD THE WORD!

The funds raised will be donated to Ashland Emergency Food Bank, Food for Lane County, and Josephine County Food Bank.

The PayPal account will be open for donations until end of day Monday, April 27th.

Happy fridge opening!


Kara Bijesse | April 16, 2020

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