Civil Engineering

Experienced clients know the value of having an exceptional civil engineer on their team. There are always choices and options in how your project gets designed – a great civil engineer helps you get the details right.

Senior Civil Engineer, Charlie Kroning, PE brings over 30 years of experience in Land Development Engineering to Ausland’s team. Approximately half of Charlie’s work is for design-build projects where he trains his eye on the constructability – finding the best solutions to deliver on your goals within your budget. The other half of Charlies’ work is civil engineering services directly for the design of subdivisions, parking lots, streets, and campgrounds.

Unique to Ausland is how our Civil Engineering team engages in Value Engineering efforts for our construction projects. President Kelsy Ausland, PE, loves finding ways to save clients’ money through engineering solutions. She explains, “Clients will always rather have money in their pocket than in extra storm water pipes or structural fill on a site.” With engineers and builders working site by site, engineers create value through effectively designing sites. Kelsy elaborates, “I enjoy looking at plans clients bring to us and finding ways we can make small adjustments to save significant dollars. The first place I look is verifying whether cuts and fills are balanced. Identifying unnecessary materials expenses are other ‘low hanging fruit’ to help save clients’ money. It may sound strange, but value engineering is actually exciting and fun, if you love finding solutions.”

Sarahanne Driggs | March 22, 2023

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