Engineering for your Next Project

Great engineers find creative solutions to building things right that fit your project needs and budget. Creativity and experience are key to engineering tenants in structures that are safe, functional, and cost-effective. That is what Ausland does best.

Structural Engineer, Scott Metzler, SE, PE has been engineering structures in Oregon for over 3o years and is known for his eye for constructability. Senior Project Manager, Tom Jordan, explains, “I’ve worked on projects valued over $500 million with engineers from all over the country. Scott Metzler is hands down the best for engineering structures that are safe, efficient, and easy to build.”

Scott just completed the engineering of two seismic retrofits for Oregon Military Department Armory Facilities. Just as easily, he provides the design for ground-up, new building projects such as office buildings or breweries. “Engineers and contractors working side-by-side provides so many benefits,” explains Kelsy Ausland, PE. “Over a cup of coffee the engineer can get assistance with cost-analysis and the contractor can better understand the purpose of design. The sum is much greater than its parts.”

Ausland’s engineering services are offered to outside developers, architects, and builders.

Sarahanne Driggs | March 22, 2023

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