Why Ausland is a Leader in the Design Build Industry

Ausland Group is one of a handful of integrated design and construction firms in Oregon.

What does that mean? This integrated structure gives Ausland the unique ability to take projects from initial concept to completed reality. We provide a full range of planning, design, and construction services, executed by a talented collaboration of architects, engineers, designers, and construction professionals.

More importantly, it means that the Ausland Team is able to bring the benefits of its expertise to bear during all phases of a project. With our full range of in-house services, we are uniquely positioned to help our clients navigate the complex regulatory and technical issues that are encountered during construction projects.

To give you an idea of how our innovative, integrated team functions in the real world, let’s look at the design-build projects executed for a single client, the Oregon Military Department (OMD). Ausland has been privileged to partner with OMD to provide integrated design build services for the remodel and renovation of several buildings at OMD facilities in Grants Pass and Salem.

The essence of the Grants Pass Readiness Center Armory Service Life Extension Project was to extend the life of the facility by twenty-five years. The stated goals included bringing the facility into compliance with accessibility requirements, upgrading the structural system to current code, improving energy efficiency, remodeling interior areas to better serve the unit mission, renovation or replacement of building systems and components, and the accomplishment of deferred maintenance. Working with OMD, Ausland helped identify the highest priorities based on the building condition and their objectives. Working within the project budget a final project scope was defined.

Design of the project scope was performed by Ausland’s full-service Design Team, highlighting the value of close collaboration between the Team’s civil, structural, and architectural components. Early involvement of our Construction Team helped to identify and overcome technical challenges early in the process before they became problems in the field. Likewise, active involvement of the Design Team during construction allowed issues during construction to be quickly and efficiently addressed.

The Salem Area Regional Enhancement Project includes work at two different OMD facilities in Salem and OMD again decided to find solutions using the Ausland design-build services.

The goals and process for the Salem project were similar to those at work in Grants Pass. Following an extensive survey of existing facility conditions and discussion of OMD goals and priorities, Ausland recommended project scopes for both facilities based on available funding. This initial scoping effort involved the Design and Construction teams working in close concert to balance competing needs and priorities within a fixed budget.

The Salem work included a second, discrete project, the seismic retrofit of a facility to allow it to fulfill its essential purpose as the home of several State of Oregon Emergency Operations Centers in the event of a significant seismic event.

The design of the work for all three OMD projects was executed by the Ausland Design Team and consultants, with support from the Construction Team. In turn, the Design Team continues to support the Construction Team as the work in the field progresses.

This integrated business model featuring the construction and design services under one roof allows Ausland to streamline delivery to clients and provide a process that succeeds through collaboration and innovation. We are one team, start to finish: providing world class development, locally scaled.

Sarahanne Driggs | March 3, 2023

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