The Human Bean ahead of the Game with the Resurging Drive Thru Business

The drive thru business model originally emerged in the 1940s introducing consumers to the to go option of consumption. The ease and convenience of this ordering process has led to decades of success as the average American now spends $1,000 annually for drive thru service.

When the Covid-19 pandemic swept through the United States in early 2020, it brought business to a halt specifically indoor dining at all eating establishments. The restaurant industry was forced to adapt by operating to go service only. The restriction of in-house dining led to a massive resurgence of the drive thru option. As several major brands shifted and innovated their operations, The Human Bean was already set-up with an efficient business design to maneuver the restrictive landscape and capitalize on consumer needs.

Originally started in Ashland in 1998, The Human Bean has grown to 300 locations in 25 states garnering a reputation for friendly, convenient, and quality service. This high standard of operation combined with the dual drive thru style and various existing locations catapulted the company to record sales and further expansion opportunities.

Ausland Group partnered with The Human Bean in 2021 to build new storefronts in Grants Pass and Eugene. The Ausland construction team managed the project development and completed structure build. This collaboration brought new life to two tired properties and today consumers are flocking to these attractive drive thru locations. Both projects located a Human Bean stand in what would have been considered excess property.

The success of The Human Bean is driving national growth creating new structures or remodeled locations, each putting drive thru service at the forefront. As we work in a hybrid business world post pandemic, the evolving style of drive thru operations will continue to have the advantage in the restaurant industry making it a sound investment in commercial development. Ausland is excited to play a role in the development of a concept that maybe nearly 100 years old but feels as fresh and dynamic as ever.

Sarahanne Driggs | March 3, 2023

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