Innovations in Brewery Design
Addressing a Pandemic

Taproom Design Innovations Addressing a Pandemic

Owners Kelsey and Troy Yoho, and Brandon and Ashley Crews, knew that to deliver on their motto of ‘Find Your Weekend’, their new brewery would have to deliver not just perfect beer but a fantastic and safe space. Ironically, the pandemic’s resulting social distancing measures and isolation has made people crave community and connection even more than before. The owners of the Weekend Beer Company committed to designing their taproom as a ‘third place’, where people want to be after home and work and where families come to gather.

Ausland Group has been part of the Weekend Beer Company team since project conception in early 2020. When the pandemic hit, the design team quickly had to address a new critical element of the project – how to create a safe space for families and all patrons? The taproom design focus turned to embracing indoor / outdoor spaces that maximize fresh air flow and removing barriers or surfaces that were touch points.

Weekend Beer Company’s new home will have a huge outdoor courtyard that is the central focus of the facility. Three 12’ garage doors will blur the relationship between indoor and outdoor service spaces. The outdoor courtyard was designed to be multifaceted and creates areas for food carts, eating, and for lots of playing – adults and kids!  An outdoor pergola will wrap the corner of the building, creating shade in the summer and shelter in the winter, encouraging outdoor eating in both warm and cooler weather. Patrons who would prefer to enjoy their Weekend Brew elsewhere, can get a crowler or growler to-go from the indoor/outdoor bar.

The team was cognizant to remove touch points, such as doors and hardware. The restroom layouts now resemble that of an airport, where the entry is a sequence of turns and walls, rather than a closed door. All restroom hardware will be ‘touchless’ and will provide customers with a sense of cleanliness and safety.

This is all driven by Weekend Beer Company’s relentless commitment to superb beer. Creating perfect beer is a lot easier with a great manufacturing facility. The new brewery is designed with modern drainage and top-of-the-line equipment to deliver a product that will make people want to come back time and again.

Community has been, and will remain, the foundation of Weekend Beer Company. Ausland Group, as the design and construction professionals, has enjoyed the challenge of helping to create a brewery for these new times. Customers will enjoy this facility and will love the beer. We will see you any time you are ready to find your weekend.


Kara Bijesse | September 8, 2020

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