Monitoring Medford’s water

WHITE CITY, Ore. — Although it may not feel like it today, summer will be here soon, and with it, increased water use.

To make sure there will be water for users in much of the Rogue Valley, a Grants Pass-based contractor is doing seismic upgrade work on the Robert Duff Water Treatment Plant near White City.

The plant augments water supplies from the Rogue River when demand exceeds the supply for Big Butte Springs Water.


Aaron Ausland says his crews have met a critical deadline for being sure the Duff Plant is ready for summer water demands.

Medford Water Commission Construction Administrator, Andy Huffman, says the upgrades will help ensure the plantzcontinues to operate even if an earthquake hits, winter or summer, or if there’s a major break in the line from Big Butte Springs.

By Ron Brown

April 6, 2011

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Ausland Group | April 6, 2011

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