As we launch into 2018 I find myself full of pride of our people and our success.  Sometimes we get wrapped up in the challenges and setbacks of the journey, and have to step back and obtain perspective.

It is truly amazing how far we’ve come in just the last few years, let alone since when we started in 2002.  From that initial handful of employees to over 80 today.  Unrivaled breadth of overall professional and craft talent.  Major growth of market presence. Major reinvestment in our community through non-profit and community support.  As incredible as this all is – we’re far from being finished.

Over the years we’ve talked about our future in different words.  But regardless of the words we use, the vision remains the same – to build a company that brings world-class development teams to locally scaled clients so that they prosper.


“…a company that brings world-class development teams to locally scaled clients so that they prosper.”


This coming year we will be investing over $1.5 Million towards new resources and tools to make our people even more successful.  We will be developing and launching new training and staff development initiatives to continue to invest in our people.  And this summer, we will move into a new “best in class” headquarters that will provide a framework for our core operations to thrive.

In this New Year season, it truly is a time to be proud of how far we’ve come, but also a time to set our sights forward.  I am proud to be investing in our future together – and am honored you have chosen to invest your future as well.

          Aaron M. Ausland, CEO

Aaron is founder and CEO of Ausland Group, a commercial development firm with unrivaled breadth of professional and craft talent – focused on delivering ‘world-class innovation and integration to locally scaled development’.  Aaron graduated from Oregon State University with degrees in Engineering and Business.  While involved in many community-building functions, Aaron currently serves as Board President of SOREDI, Southern Oregon’s economic development agency.  Put Ausland’s talent to work for you at: www.auslandgroup.com

Ausland Group | December 22, 2017

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